Creating a Positive Company Culture: Employee Appreciation Ideas

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Employee Appreciation Day is just around the corner on Friday, March 3rd. If your business shows care on the date designated, or throughout the year, employee appreciation is a crucial aspect of creating a positive work culture. Showing gratitude to employees for their contributions can go a long way in keeping them motivated, engaged, and cared for.  

To create a workplace that employees want to return to, it's important to establish a healthy and supportive community. In addition, providing gifts and sponsoring "on-the-clock" activities (i.e., paying employees for their time during work-sponsored events) can help break up the monotony and show that the company cares about their well-being. 

Here are a few examples of activities that can contribute to a healthy workplace culture: 

Employee Appreciation Gifts: There are many types of employee appreciation gifts, ranging from simple and affordable to elaborate and personalized options. 

Some tips for choosing the best gifts 


  1. Personalize the gift to make it more meaningful. This can be as simple as having their name and a personalized message on a note card or personalizing an item if the gift. 

  2. Considering the employee's hobbies and interests. Coffee person or tea person? I like to keep a list of "getting to know you questions" when onboarding so that I'm prepared with treat ideas. 

  3. It is important to choose practical and useful gifts that can benefit employees. Offering flexibility is a huge asset and can show that the company values work-life balance. For example, providing "Start Late," "Leave Early," or "Long Lunch" tokens that employees can cash in when needed can be a wonderful way to offer flexibility and support for caretakers or individuals who just need a mental health break. This can be especially appreciated by those who may be dealing with personal challenges outside of work. By offering these benefits, the company can demonstrate empathy and care for its employees. 
  4. Choosing a gift that reflects the company culture. For example, if the company values sustainability, consider eco-friendly gifts or gifts that support a social or environmental cause. 

Regular Feedback and Recognition: Feedback and recognition can help employees feel valued and motivated, and when needed, to improve. This could include things like formal performance reviews, regular check-ins with managers. When you sit down, I like to get out from behind the desk and sit in one of my guest chairs across from a team member in hopes it puts everyone at ease. Don't forget to go beyond the checklist. Be sure to include times for a back-and-forth conversation, and for questions that they have for you. Ask them how they are doing beyond the day-to-day tasks. Allow space for this but do not demand it. You are wanting to create an environment that is more transparent and communicative workplace environment 

Recognition: On the more casual side, I've instituted an unofficial Gold Star Program. If you found a gold star at your desk, it meant I noticed you did something. Maybe they were first to volunteer to a task, or had great customer communication, or simply went the extra mile. Notes are great too, a quick thank you, handwritten on a notecard or even post-it is both unexpected from your boss and appreciated. 

Just Because: Book that conference room and stream the mid-day sports over lunch. I've done this with Soccer games and the Olympics. It doesn't cost anything unless you want it to. Management throwing in an inexpensive Chips and Dips bar will certainly add some smiles!

Ultimately, the key is to create a workplace environment where employees feel supported, valued, and engaged.

We would love to work with you to acknowledge and appreciate your employees who make a significant contribution to your organization.  Let us help you show them how much you value and care for them. Let us know how we can help here.

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