10 Tips to Unplug your Weekend

2022 is the 13th year we've been called to action by the Unplug Collaborative 
to take a break from technology 
for one hour, or the entire 24 hours.

National Day of Unplugging is a campaign that promotes a 24-hour respite from technology. Schools, religious institutions and businesses have used their resources to inspire healthy life/tech balance within their communities. Participation is for anyone who wishes to elevate human connection over digital engagement.

Inspired by this need to unlpug with my own family, I thought I'd share ten quick tips to help you unplug your weekend.

1. Set a time limit and turn off notifications. 

2. Read a book
Yes, the kind made of paper that you have to turn the page with. Alone choose your favorite cozy spot. Or with the family, choose a book and take turns reading aloud to eachother. 

3. Take a walk and connect with nature. Look up a park or nature preserve close to home and enjoy the outdoors.

4. Take a nap

5. Write or draw. Journal or write a short story. When was the last time you pulled out some colored pencils or crayons for yourself?

6. Start a tea ritual

Select your tea.
Warm up your cup.
Boil the water.
Watch the leaves unfurl in the water.
Be grateful.

7. Take a pause
This is one of my favorites. I lay a yoga mat on our little patio and watch the magic of the sky. Birds you never noticed before, clouds taking on new shape. Amazing how much beauty there is when you just look up.

8. Play a board game

9. Play music

10. Make something
It doesnt matter if you bake, cook, or craft. Choose something you enjoy, and do it for the sake of doing it. 

Whatever you end up doing, enjoy it, take a breath, and make it guilt free. 



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