Tea & TX Honey Box (ChocoChip Shortbread)
Tea & TX Honey Box (ChocoChip Shortbread)
Tea & TX Honey Box (ChocoChip Shortbread)
Tea & TX Honey Box (ChocoChip Shortbread)
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Tea & TX Honey Box (ChocoChip Shortbread)

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The Tea and Honey box was designed for you take stop for a moment, be still, and enjoy the process of making and sipping a cup of tea.

4oz Glass Hand Corked Jar of Central Texas Wildflower Honey from Walker Farms, Texas wrapped in jute and dried flowers with Brass Bumble Bee Charm.

Creamy Earl Grey Loose Leaf Tea: Full bodied and malty, great with a splash or milk or lemon and Honey. English Breakfast also available upon request (enough for up to 4 or more cups)

Handmade Chocolate Chip Shortbread (6oz carton with 8 cookies)

3" Wooden Honey Dipper

5ct Loose Leaf Tea Bags

Sweet Like Honey Floral Decal

Personalized Card: Printed on Linen paper

In Your Box (Contents Card): Printed on Linen Paper

Box Options:
Wooden with slide on lid with Black & White Striped Cabana Ribbon.
Kraft Paper Box with side enclosures and Natural Cotton Ribbon.

Carefully wrapped with intention in an elegant natural themed box using preserved plants, hand dyed wood flowers and ribbon ready for your loved one to enjoy. We make efforts to be more sustainable by limiting plastics in our packaging.